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"I was cut from the ice, shaped in the storms, hardened in the cold."
― Sejuani, the Winters Wrath

[[ Made-For-Gaming Fanmix for the TRUE Queen of the Freljord ]]
[[ League of Legends ]]
[updated last: 1-16-17, fixed missing tracks, thanks for listening!]

"I was BORN for conquest, DIE with weapon in hand!!"

[ WONDERFUL animated image by: @Momo-Deary on deviantart. momo-deary.deviantart.com
source file-> http://momo-deary.deviantart.com/art/Sejuani-run-WIP-2-452577379 CHECK THEIR ART OUT, and have fun on the Rift!]

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@rebecca-h-11186 howdy!! took me forever to reply, but when I originally made this was long ago when 8tracks still supported songs added directly from Soundcloud. When they cancelled that partnership, all soundcloud files were "broken" on the playlists they were on unless edited. I been busy in life but have been meaning to come back and re-upload the songs that got messed up. Thanks for asking! hope you have a good one ! :D I will comment again here once I fix it if you'd like ^^

@rebecca-h-11186 Actually turned out I had the energy to fix it up shortly after replying to your comment :) If you wanted to hear it in full now, it's all fixed up! Thanks again and cheers!