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Come be lonely with me.


Kuroo thinks about Tsukki just as much as Tsukki thinks about Kuroo. But they probably haven't figured this out yet since they're both nerdy teens.

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I wanted to make this really cute/cheesy but its kinda all over the place..i tried
Also, many of these songs came from Leviticus 20:13 on ao3. Go read it if you havent. It killed me but in a really good way

edit: added 2 more songs

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oh my god..this is so..g..ood...i totally get the vibes of kurotsuki and leviticus 20:13 ;;;;; im not making any sense sorry but uwahhhh--- I LOVE THIS OK OK OK OK

@no_gurt Dont worry you make complete sense omg thANK YOU!! Leviticus 20:13 is really special to me so im glad that you think that! QwQ