I used to live in Tulare, Ca. Moved to West Plains Mo, went to school in Springfield Mo and France.

I have traveled the world, and my musical taste is eclectic at best.

Open-mindedness is something I value in music and life.

To that end I offer you a variety of music, spanning countless genres, and over 400 years of musical genius. Everything from classical to contemporary, dub step to down tempo. Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Native American, and more. Acoustic, folk, indie, rock of every variety, and much much more. I assure you that if you follow me, you will be exposed to music you have never heard before, as well as music you can sing to at home or the office.

I will offer music to chill too, or work too. Music to start a project or finish a section of your life's story. I draw strength and inspiration from music, and I hope what I offer you here will minister to you in your time of need, whatever that need might be...

God Bless - Namaste - And Peace And Love,
Will Dunn
Pheonix Faith From Fire

feel like dropping me a line? wrd979s@hotmail.com

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