Is this playlist safe for work?

i'm gonna fuck up this goddamn syllabus


time to buckle down, kids, let's give that first assignment a shiner.

part 3 of my "i'm fighting college to win" study playlist series - even more fight and chase music from movies, tv shows, and games to get you ready to start the semester swinging.

***WARNING: sometimes the volume will change significantly between tracks. I can't fix this, so some transitions may be LOUD and startle you. This may be a feature or a bug, depending on how you see it.***

image by @maryy_studyy (https://www.instagram.com/p/BGE1uMUGIup/)

35 tracks
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One of the best playlists for late night productivity, gets me feeling like I'm in a heist movie or something, thanks so much for making it!

I love all of these! These playlists give me the sense of urgency I desperately need when trying to get work done - nothing's quite as motivational as feeling like you're being chased by an army. I found them last fall, and they have made me so much more productive than anything else has :) Thank you thank you

@treble4 I'm so glad they're helping you! I have the same problem, so the first one was for myself, and when it lit up I knew other people needed them too. You're so welcome!! :)

My first assessment coming back into the semester, and you've posted a new playlist. Excellent. I can't find any study playlists quite like yours - they're often too mellow and relaxing, whereas I need something to build me up. Thanks for this!

@midwinterain I'm so glad you're enjoying them! I also find it hard to study when the music is too relaxing- if it's relaxing, I'm not inclined to get real work done, so it's counterproductive. I like those types of playlists when I'm reading, but not when I'm doing anything active. Thanks for letting me know you come here for these! I'll be coming out with another one probably between midterms and finals :)