Pocket My Dream
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==❥ dracula, show me your teeth.


==> this entire playlist mostly consists of suggestive or sexual songs

==> there's a few exceptions. but completely, this playlist is basically romance.

==❥ is a suggestive/nsfw/sexual song.
==> is just a regular romantic/love/redrom song.
PS: editted art. cronus isn't drawn by me, i just added the pink bg. original is from punpunichu

==> it's also probably pretty damn redrom if u know what im sayin

==> Proceed to wonkwonk knidgeknidge.
You lean over and wonkwonk knidgeknidge the listener. Except the listener moves away, because they don't appreciate your bullshit. You sigh quietly and move back to your lair that you refer to as hell, where you belong. You fucking trash.

19 tracks