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Starring Barbie

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I haven't seen any Barbie movie for a few years now. I don't plan to but I do miss being a kid. Me and my little sister were all about Barbie when we were kids. Now it's anime.

barbie as rupunzel has one of the most wonderful soundtracks i have ever heard. watched it religiously as a young child and hearing the music from it still brings me shivers.

This wa epic and idk what's going on or how I found this (i think i was going through your playlists?) but im glad i found this! didn't even know it was missing or that i was looking for it.! never wouldve thought id enjoy it as much as i am!

@Lavenderbird21 Haha, well I'm glad you enjoy it however you found it! Barbie has always been a comfort fandom for me :D Thanks for checking out my playlists!