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Don Your Parka and John Lennon Glasses: Part 4

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What's happened to Parts 2&3...? You're okay y'know. Been listening to your stuff all night. You'll have to forgive some of my comments, I'm autistic and can't work people out I'm afraid. One more thing: - your username; I KNEW I knew it, it's literally just struck me - it's the pulsar on the cover of Joy Division's 'Unknown Pleasures'! I've GOT that LP - geez, I amaze myself with my stupidity sometimes!

That used to be my avatar too, until I noticed how much that image is being used ALL over the place. A while back I decided to change it to the cover of New Order's "Everything's Gone Green" single. You should be able to find Parts 2 and 3 in the "Parka" collection you can link to underneath the similar mixes list on the right.

and Brett Lewis Anderson fucking up one of my fave Chrissie Hynde tracks. I retract my earlier statement, yer a cunt! (j/k).

then he goes and spoils it by playing the man I'd most like to drown in a vat of pigs' blood! still love ya, though, but this ain't gonna be a full-house this time (I also forgot how short Feelin' was (and I've got that feckin' LP!) Hugs X❤️X

At this rate I believe all my other Britpop-leaning mixes will delight and infuriate you in equal measure. ;) Thanks for letting me know the ups and downs as you see them. :)