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✧*girl of adventure*✧

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I'd like to personally thank you for this playlist. Alot of people say that I am Mabel, and that I'm like her in alot of ways- happy, hyper, energetic, and passionate. I've had a really hard month- I've been in a rut of bad feelings and i hadnt found it in me to be truly happy for a while. I had a spark of it though, just a little bit ago- a feeling of joy and happiness and the urge to jump around, dance, and be me, so I ran with it. I looked up a Mabel playlist- and I happened upon yours. This mix has done wonders for lifting my mood- Thanks to you and this music, im feeling more content than i have in a while- I actually had the will to draw a positive art piece of myself- and i havent been able to do that in almost months. So thank you, so much!