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Shamisen Funk Warrior

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This playlist reminded me of my trip to Japan last year. I listened to songs like these while on the plane. It's calming, for an acrophobic like me. I would listen to this all day <3

@spacewhistler that's lovely! i know firsthand that this is great music for traveling. hope you keep checking back. now that's halloween is over, i'll try to post more calming mixes ;)

Crazy. Track one is really interesting. You have my attention. I can see why this is so popular, great job so far!

@nulkmad Thank you so much! Yeah, the first track is objectively extraordinary (gauging from the public reaction). Akita means girl, and Obako is a prefecture in Japan, so the band gets away with saying it just means "southern girl," but Obako also means virgin, so it technically means "virgin girl" too. We don't get the pun humor across cultures, so I guess there's your unsolicited anthropology lesson ;)