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The Student Rises ...


These are the soundtracks that got me through this year's huge pile of homework so I thought it's necessary to share it with you !! Now that finals are coming I know most of you lack both motivation and concentration BUT that's not a problem anymore because thanks to this mix you'll have the will to study like a beast & kick those finals on the face :D

"Why do we fall Bruce ?
So we can learn to pick ourselves up."
-The dark knight triology-

57 tracks
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Can you please make a youtube video for this playlist.....its my fav epic soundtracks playlist but now some songs have stopped playing due to license issues i guess......thanks

This playlist is awesome!! I love the use of the epic soundtracks!!!!! :) XD It really helps calm my ADHD so I can do school work :) Thank you!!!!!

I've listened to your playlist a while back, now I'm happy to be back to give you that 1001'th heart you deserve :) this rocks.