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Practical Magic (1998) Soundtrack lauren.miller9330

God. I love this movie. It's literally one of my all time favorites. <3

laughing at danger sam_tatt

@lanalovd hey thanks for commenting! Glad you like it!

We the people Orange Juece
Orange Juece commented on We the people:

russian rock: road trip anon-10208211285218451

я люблю этот плайлист и часто слушаю. часть 2 тоже отлично!

herbs and spells lauren.miller9330

This is amazing! Thank you! ❤️

Vampire's Castle The_Ria
The_Ria commented on Vampire's Castle:

AHH! I love Adrian von Ziegler's music! So glad you included it!

She was like, oh my god this is my song elena-r-20968

I love them all

because i'm a bottom bitch Nico-lysander-Ignis

Yesss thank you

Chill Instrumentals danielle-z-101528

this is too good to be true

among us is a t r a i t o r ;; paltrymariachi

Dang, this was a good mix! You’ve kinda got me rooting for Traitor!Mic right now...

Berk: Home of Dragons Mightysnail

love it :D

weirdo punk davidbowies
davidbowies commented on weirdo punk:

@gothmin <3 im glad!

music for slowly shortening days charlenecorea-879

I'm still listening to this playlist every Autumn. It's perfect. Coolness, thank you.

trust is overrated kylonaberrie

holy fshit

a path I can't follow kylonaberrie

finally, some good fucking food

think for a little while Silent Radio

This mix is beautifully done. I just sat in a bath, super stressed and just drifted away to this mix. I’m so glad I found it.

Trash and Memes anon-782713764

love it

firefly shikamaru-s
shikamaru-s commented on firefly:

it is the best, I like this

by the light of the moon; ScythemeisterSakura

What a masterful playlist! This is perfect!!