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Stay SpacemanRIAC.
SpacemanRIAC. commented on Stay:


I feel like a wandering soul with no place in this world clamattack728

I have schizophrenia and saw your title and thought "hey, this is me!"

the end of the f***ing world kat Lachowski

Cool Playlist, it fits TEoftFW so well

the trenches lightninglemur

Good to listen to while playing Battlefield 1!

need no protection from my bulletproof plan Bixie Zelkova

This mix is so fuckin' good.

Apartment Story sam.anthony.35

super random, and super weird, but I discovered this mix my freshman year of college and it's grown with me the past 4 years. I'm about to graduate and I still adore this. Thanks for your enthusiasm. Thanks for this creation. Small things really do stick with us.

need no protection from my bulletproof plan Bixie Zelkova

@Blueamanda IDK if you ever got an answer to this. Their bandcamp is here: https://waxwingsmusic.bandcamp.com

Behind The Sun tecsupport
tecsupport commented on Behind The Sun:


The Journey of Us | TDC allie-p-84871


post mortem sara.girard.14
sara.girard.14 commented on post mortem:

I am IN LOVE with the album cover you made!!!! Super super awesome!! And I love the playlist too!

meme kween anon-782713764
anon-782713764 commented on meme kween:

this is amazing

I Wish You'd Stop Running From Your Problems, And Run To Me Instead pugna_vel_intereo

digging this vibe!

Raul Esparza before sleep perfectcarlos

thanks for making my nights a little better

Raul Esparza before sleep perfectcarlos

i love this so much i needed this so badly god

all those bass drops frankjarquin

Dope playlist man, I've been listening to this thing for months

Technically Djentle irritatedbylimits

Thank you so much, periphery is perfect to start out with

I will unmake you. cryptid spotted

@sinemxticc Best comment

Tropical Tunes PlanitWeddings


pre 1975 pt 2 anon-10208973909935377

Hay Oh Haye Oh!

I Am The Wind pertinentsymbolic