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Ice Bear - 13 MLRecords
MLRecords commented on Ice Bear - 13:
Everyone's a Little Bit... 12am12amffdg

10 51pm

Everyone's a Little Bit... uppppvs

drake lit music

Everyone's a Little Bit... 2pacdrakebb

download slacker radio dope music. much better than crappy jango radio app

Fade Back Jordan Grey
Jordan Grey commented on Fade Back:

@runningwithstars Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed this. I was in a difficult place when I created this so seeing a person comment after years made me smile. :)

Everyone's a Little Bit... assholexxxx

havor mr loser sabir wants to hurt 4 no reason ass hole

Everyone's a Little Bit... fuckyouloserloset

my brother wants 2 beat me up ass hole

Let The Beat Build 378damnwaiting

jango radio played tha song i like trey songz forever yours song track 11 on chapter album jango i pressed 377 songs played i skipped over

dark turn of mind gogoat
gogoat commented on dark turn of mind:

this is the only playlist

messiah sarahhosmer01-771
sarahhosmer01-771 commented on messiah:

this mix makes my heart ache in the best kind of way

mot)(er knows best [side a] piedpiper6666

godddd ok i LOVE the song pavlov's daughter so i really appreciate its use here. rly great mix!

je ne suis pas jeanne d'arc piedpiper6666

yo,,,,, im love arcade fire (this mix is rly good!!!!!!)

☆゚.*・ STARFOAM BEACH ・*.゚☆ welcometo.n


dearly departed bloodmonastery

this playlist wrenched my heart out of my chest and stomped on it. it’s gorgeous, thank you!

F͏U̵͢͡͝C̸̡͘K̷̴͜E̕͜Ḑ̢̀̕͢ ̶̕͟͏U͞͞P̢̡̢ asherwow

oof that grammar- but got my message across... ://

F͏U̵͢͡͝C̸̡͘K̷̴͜E̕͜Ḑ̢̀̕͢ ̶̕͟͏U͞͞P̢̡̢ asherwow

I have had not a way to explain some deep seated feelings that I have internally for so long other than this playlist and the pure emotion it has with all and every song choice??? I love this playlist so much, I wish I found it sooner.

Every Little Thing I Do TheIronGoddessOfMercy

You have many of my favorite '50s tunes here! This is so wonderful; thank you xx

Ice Bear - 13 emproMUSIC
emproMUSIC commented on Ice Bear - 13:

I truthfully think that this is a very accurate Ice Bear soundtrack. The music is exactly how I’d imagine his style to be and “License to Chill” is especially reflective, with its modern music instrumentals with scientific and native backups. Good job

DG's Deep Planes danngo
danngo commented on DG's Deep Planes:

@dj_dim-mak thx dude!

Be a doll for me, won't you? yanderella2

@vampyrefay oh! it's from Ibitsu. Sorry for the late response!