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No music, my braces! chato-a-21745

Great memories of the show!!!

2018 - badass girls! lucy.mp3

@Oklahoma26 im glad u like it!! good luck on ur exams!! ~(^з^)-♡

Shoulder the wheel. Business Muscles

this why i like 8tracks

Sharky Boshaw's Epic Peggie Meltin' Mix AgentPuppy


Tell Me That You Love Me Cause I Need You So Much New Day

Without your specific description in time and space, and honest feelings, I wouldn't have had a conception of the soul of your playlist, thank you. Honestly, No 6 is my life too (-。-;

By the time you hear the next pop, the swerve shall be within you. 2pacsoul


Undiscovered Bumz vol. 3 ross.tabanera

Lovely and soothing playlist

Friday Morning Beats dab5
dab5 commented on Friday Morning Beats:

sooooo good :)

Losers milky-beans
milky-beans commented on Losers :

@sierra-l-106444 huh idk why my comment from eons ago never went thru fully but thanks sm!!! We rly do need more tho :’)

Survivor's Guilt DieGlücklichWal

you came for my fucking soul with this holy shit

2018 - badass girls! Oklahoma26

OMG, this playlist is the only thing keeping me going through exams. Thanks so much!

kaweewee  (◕‿◕✿) CaptainSapphire

I'm having weeb day flashbacks

Best Of 2017 DJ Dollebludger
November Nitty Naughtiness 2018 DJ Dollebludger
ripples in the æther 2016wwang

So relaxing!

Medieval, Mystic, Celtic, Pagan, Folk, Dark Fantasy Soprano91396

Love love love this mix! Just FYI, track 10 is by Omnia (according to the accompanying video). Thanks for putting this together.

Spitting into the Memory Well. ErrorMalfunction

@steven-m-110675 Yeah, you know him?

modern ghibli ScythemeisterSakura

I LOVE the vibes from this!!! Just fantastic

Hole In The Wall Blues 2 illtracks

Update coming soon for 2019

This feeling... deesakuma
deesakuma commented on This feeling...:

I just found this app so I am new to it but the only reason I wanted it was to play your Korean love songs playlist! I love all the songs and I really love how long it is, 3 hours of dreamy music! I already listened to it 3 times. I just wish I could keep replaying it over and over but the app will only let me listen to it once a day. Thank you for this really wonderful playlist!