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The World of Women With Wonderful Voices


A 26-track selection of my favourite female vocalists. This might make you smile, cry, remember, forget, call someone or who knows... but it will be an experience for sure. Thank you for listening. Share it if you think it will move somebody else too.
Also available at http://i.mixcloud.com/CjTB0 with full tracklist and 2 more tracks.

24 tracks
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THE LADIES (In Order of Appearance)

1. Beth Gibbons
2. Elizabeth Fraser
3. Kelli Dayton
4. Lisa Bassenge
5. Inga Lühning
6. Roisin Murphy
7. K-tee
8. Elizabeth Fraser
9. Bajka
10. Kathrin DeBoer
11. Bronagh Slevin
12. Sophie Barker
13. Charlotte Savary
14. Loulou
15. Sky Edwards
16. Ayo
17. Nneka
18. Andreya Triana
19. Ursula Rucker
20.Lou Rhodes
21. Angela McCluskey
22. Hafdis Huld
23. Elsieanne Caplette
24. Pam Bricker
25. Zeebee
26. Cristina Vilallonga