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Kryptonite (Jack/Daniel Part 1)


For finding your soulmate among the stars and letting him save your life. For blood. For tears. For losing the people you hold most dear. For healing and laughter. Gentle irritation and raging conflict. For soft touches and protective hearts. Late nights and cheap beer. For grieving your best friend. For death and new life. For a lust that you can't give up, even though you know you should. For being so in love with him, that the universe means nothing to you without him there. (Feel free to ignore the annotations and use your own imagination, I just wanted to note the specific headcanons I had for the songs.)

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12 tracks
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hey, just wanted to say this is lovely and your annotations are really poignant and I love them ! thankyou for the work you put into this bc it really shows ❤️❤️ !!!