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quiet like the snow

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WELL, 8tracks is useless for comments, damn posting when I hit enter. but anyway, gahhhh i love this so much. hitsugaya is without a doubt my fav character and this mix just perfectly captures him. it's this melancholy, almost bittersweet atmosphere, without being too slow; it really captures - not exactly the darker side of hitsu, but maybe the fighter in him, as well as the fact that a bunch of shit has actually happened to him, and he's a captain and has fought to kill and earned his rank and he's not the child he looks like and i just love it augh. this is just really lovely!! thank you for making it :DD

aaah, thanks a lot, I'm really glad you liked it so much!

And yeah, he's pretty much my favorite Bleach character and one of my faves overall; I love the wise, old-soul type of characters and he fits in that category perfectly. <3