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Since you've been around


This one goes to the shy. To the ones that choose to say things with the eyes rather than with words.

This one goes to the ones in need of finding a piece of peace in a corner of their minds.

To the ones that like to study listening to some mellow songs.

To the ones that are feeling cozy under a warm blanket while outside is pouring rain.

And... to you.

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2 comments on Since you've been around

LOVE IT! The whisper-y sounds of the artists is perfect for that background music you need to sooth after a long day of work! Again you hit the bull's eye. Keep it up Lockhart.... I am a huge fan! :)

Thank you very much for taking the time to comment! And for always listening to my mixes. I'm glad to know it helped you relax after work, it's good to know you put it to good use :)