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Get Your Sweat On

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This is awesome!! I have been looking for a nice playlist which does not end in 30 mins and make me run more. This list it is!! Thank you very much

mid blowing trakx........WOW. 55 tracks helped me lift more times than usual. your choice of music is simply AWESOME !!

Thank you for the brilliant mix! Would it be alright if I include this link on my Gym Music Blog? It is at http://gym-music.weebly.com and offers a compilation of free and downloadable workout mixes (for gym, workout, spinning, running etc).

I will of course reference your link as well as to credit you for the music. Hope you will support my initiative.

Sincere thanks!

Thank you for your kind words. Of course you can use it on your blog, thank you! Good luck with everything you're doing.