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Study With Accompaniment


Studying can be boring and reading for pleasure can be difficult with the many distractions in your household. Let music be your company as you prepare for upcoming midterms and finals or as you read your favourite book. Relax, Learn, Enjoy.

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

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I think I first heard these playlists in high school and only recently got back on 8Tracks. Serious nostalgia! I love all of these sets so much! @salems-lot and @TheGirlNamedJedrzejko Thanks so much for putting these together!

@salems-lot Don't worry about a thing, all this music comes from somewhere else! It's just great to meet people who share similar interests. I love your playlists and will keep listening, hope you share some great new ones (I'm always in search of recommended tracks) :)

@TheGirlNamedJedrzejko I really appreciate that! I'm sure I speak on behalf of many people when I say that your playlists have inspired the publishing of so many others; they're definitely what pushed me to start mine, so thank you :) Hope to hear some more from your end, as well!

@TheGirlNamedJedrzejko Thanks for your message! Your playlists were definitely an inspiration for mine, particularly my first two. It wasn't my intention to make you feel like I ripped yours off and I apologize if I did; I wanted to mix tracks I discovered from your playlists with others that I loved and was familiar with, mostly to make studying bearable for myself. However, I can always listen to them when I want now and they don't need to be public on 8tracks any longer, and I'm happy to leave that up to you! Thanks again for speaking out :)

Great mix, but seriously what is "Mausam & Escape A.R. Rahman" doing in there? I went from a deep focus to thinking "holy crap.. I think the library is on fire.. quick everyone grab your stuff and haul ass!" - Other than that... it's been a great mix :-D

@rick23509 Haha it's so funny that you mentioned that. I was listening to the mix a few days ago and when that song came on, I was just like, ".....why did I put this on here??". But to be honest, I love it too much to take it off :) Glad you're liking the rest of it though!!