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@salmahh job interviews suck :( i get so nervous during the interview that i just completely blank out. omg tysm ive been trying to get a part time job for a while but nobody's been hiring so i guess im just kinda chilling. OMG GCSE IS DONE????? WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!! ik this is gonna sound dumb, but does that mean summer has already started for u?? omg so today i had a french field trip and we went to go watch a french movie and it was so nice :') i barely have any hw today and im just chilling!!! im so happy! wbu??? how was ur day?? :)

@weaux yeah they really do ugh:( anyway i have faith in you, ik you'll get a great job soon ! also yess my exams are almost finished only two more left which i feel confident about! i'm in year 10 so i'm only doing half of my gcse's so i'll be doing the rest of them next year so technically if i was in year 11 i'd have started my summer holiday earlier, and don't worry it wasn't a dumb question at all! ahh your day sounds lovely, i'm glad it's treating you well. my day was alright, i feel like i did a good job on the two exams so i'm feeling happy. hope you're okay !