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anyone who loves Billy Bragg is more than okay by me! He came to the Occupy Sheffield Camp and I was too shit-scared to talk to him! I FUCKINH HATE being autistic; I'm scared of EVERYONE! No social, interpersonal or conversational skills… X❤️X

It's made things more difficult for me, cos I'm still very crook - and very autistic - and it's the only thing that's gonna help me on both counts. Massive row with mother over it. She BELIEVES that lass died from it ("You don't die for no reason; how can you say CATEGORICALLY that it didn't kill her…? He's a DOCTOR, are you now saying you know better than a doctor…?!" Well, yes, if that really IS his considered professional opinion, yes I am, cos he's a total FUCKWIT! HTF can you spend 5 years at med school - and then however long training in pathology - and come to that conclusion…?! "I'm too much of a goody-goody to break the law". She's got a VERY strange idea of "good", that's all I can say; what's "good" about adhering to/upholding a law which criminalises 1,000s of innocent sick and disabled folk, simply for wanting analgesia, or a cure for their mental illness, autism or even CANCER…?! If that's being "good", then I'm FUCKING EVIL - AND FUCKING PROUD OF IT! I live on a different planet, apparently. I certainly do - and I like MY planet. On MY planet innocent people aren't criminalised. On MY planet people have a social conscience and break unjust laws. I'm not living in the "real world", either. I thought *I* WAS; in the REAL world, people are fighting evil fucking fascist, sadistic, Nazi scum. They don't have the first fucking CLUE what's REALLY going on. They're Scumoron's wet dream; a couple of sheeple, dilligently, obligingly, obedient, following whatever laws he dreams up. I bet if I was arrested on 4/20 for protesting (yep, that's now illegal, unless you're a political candidate, and/or toking, they'd say I DESERVED it because I broke the law. I was BAD, because "GOOD" people don't break laws, "good" people OBEY the laws. They're just gonna LOVE living in a fascist police state. I didn't know the govt had begun ordering lobotomies, but they've apparently had one! Sorry for ranting at you, but I'm in AGONY (there's not a bit of me that doesn't feel like it's been doused in petrol and set alight) and consequently, I can't kip! I've a bottle of Grant's and 20 paracetamol. I HATE whisky; I've been dry 20 years, and they've driven me back on the bottle!

Here's one for ya (just to update ya on the latest 'news'). Apparently, it's possible to die from a weed OD! You must remember when the Heil reported about 10 years or so ago, that 'experts' reckoned that it could be responsible for around 30k deaths a year…? Well, apparently, it REALLY DID cause the death of a 31-year-old lass from Bournemouth. Half-a-blunt a night did for her apparently! It also did for a 28-year-old lad who smoked a couple before gassing himself on his car exhaust. Cos, like, carbon monoxide has NEVER killed anyone, has it…?! I mean it's, like, totally HARMLESS, innit…?! That's why people have CO detectors to protect themselves from their totally harmless gas boilers. Turns out that the editor of the Echo, from where both stories originated, thinks cannabis users are "worthless fucking scum". Bet he paid off both pathologists…

Tell ya summat fer nowt - yer better off over there, matey! Think Scumoron's determined to make Nazi Germany look like fucking Butlin's! He's turned into Hitler on fucking STEROIDS! And as for Herr Schitt… If his mum wasn't already dead, he'd stop her pension and fuel allowance! FUCKING TWUNTS!

Fookin' 'ell, matey! This is a bit eclectic, innit…?! And I thought *I* was eclectic! I don't do Will Young. Boy-groupiness ain't me bag…