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A mix for the tormented soul of Percival De Rolo. A man who has returned to his home, fallen in love, and is learning how to forgive.
And hopefully one day, he will forgive himself.
"That have to forgive him, too." -Vex
Arranged to be chronological with Percy's story.
Artwork by Used with artist permission.
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15 tracks
2 comments on I live as long as Whitestone lives

This is honestly such a good playlist, I'm just getting to the Whitestone episodes and these are all perfect!! I honestly love most of these songs and musicians already so this is just a great playlist to make me emotional about Percy

@run_desdemona I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had to make this playlist after I kept running into songs in my collection that made me think of him. I could have added a few more Southern Gothic songs easily. The genre fits Percy way too well. Sometimes I remember that he is probably the youngest Vox Machina member and I get weepy, too.