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Dude, Where's My Face? (Power Hour)


If you're trying to completely lose your face - the power hour is just the way to do it. Take a shot of beer or malt liquor every 60 seconds (when a new song starts) until this mix is complete. It's divided into 3 separate parts, and the songs are not available for sale on iTunes. There's a lot of hip hop, classic rock, and other songs that are sentimental to me and my friends. Hopefully you enjoy it too. The power hour is followed by some drunk-friendly songs. Cheers!

8 tracks
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Sorry, I don't check this very often and have no idea how long ago you commented on here. Anyway, the song is "Meet Me On Montrose" by Cities Aviv off his album Digital Lows.

You compiled an excellent selection of songs that kept me on my toes and held the vibe that enables you to 'groove'. keep up the good work

Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. I put in a lot of time making it flow how I wanted it to. The second half of it is definitely more drunk-friendly than the beginning haha

I have to state my aprreciation for this man. I didnt end up drinking to this though. Best not to do that just before working.