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musica ochentera italo disco

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  • Time And Love by Tea For Two
  • My Heart Keeps Burning by Blind Date
  • MICHAEL BEDFORD More Than A Kiss (Maxi Version) by Gregg Ferretti
  • R. BAIS by R. Bais
  • Joy Peters Dont Loosse Your Heart Tonight by clasikero
  • Faces (1985) by Clio
  • Loco Mia by Loco Mia
  • People from Ibiza (Edit IgnacioVega) by Sandy Marton
  • NEW BACCARA by New Baccara
  • I'm Your Lover (Mix Session Re-Edit) by Joe Yellow
  • GRANT MILLER by Grant Miller
  • From You To Me Extended Version (1986) by Silver Pozzoli
12 tracks