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The Life, Love, Death, AI Revival (then Death again) of the incredibly Handsome, extremely problematic (and also kinda lovable if you look past all the strangulation, abuse, and extortion), President of Hyperion and Hero of Pandora.
The road to Hell's paved with good intentions, Handsome Jack's road is just paved in gold and diamonds and decorated with giant statues of himself and involved becoming an AI hologram in a guy’s head that one time.


22 tracks
3 comments on Handsome? Yes. Asshole? Also yes.

this is amazing! i've played TFTB twice and i LOVE handsome jack, so listening to this is really making me want to play the rest of the series. also, I died laughing at Jack You Up. Handsome Jack would be proud.

@butimnotbrilliant Handsome Jack is an incredible character and will always have a gold and diamond-plated piece of my heart and the TFTB episodes are some of my favorites from TellTale too! I'm super pumped to hear you like it and that Handsome Jack would be proud, cause those are both high marks indeed!! c: