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Writing Session: Fairytales


When your princess fights for her freedom, when your prince doubts his ability to rule, when dragons are the worst or the kindest of creatures. When we need to believe that good always wins and evil will be defeated after all.

53 awesome tracks to take you beyond the borders of your imagination.

53 tracks
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Hello! I love this playlist. I was having a rough night/exhausted and it perked me up. Also, I wasn't sure if you knew that your version of True Love's First Kiss you have here has a small part that's skipping (I've been using that song for writing inspo for like 14 years). If you need a better copy I can get it to you. Even if you don't replace it, though, it's still great. Have a great day/evening!

All of your playlists are incredible. Seriously, they are the only ones I listen to when I write anymore. It's like anytime I am in need of some music for a particular scene, you have a playlist made for it! It's crazy. I love you.

I found this playlist right before I started a writing class! Perfect!! Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together, it's very hard to find the right kind of music that uplifts without distracting. Thank you!!