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one funky adventure

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I don't know if you still check 8tracks, but I really need you to know that this playlist changed me and my friends' lives. We listen to it every time we're doing a work crunch (be it AA or cosplay or w/e) and roadtrips it was really the first future funk we had ever run into. I think I've listened to this list in the hundreds of times. When 8tracks was going out of style, we all panicked and we made sure we had a tracklisting of this playlist because we could NOT lose One Funky Adventure. It was too important. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that you've impacted some nerds lives in a big way. I love this playlist and now pt 5 is coming out and everything is so groovy. Thank you.

OKAY U STARTED OFF WITH ONE MY MOST FAVORITE SONGS EVER SO I LOVE THIS 10/10. No joke though, this is really good! I really enjoyed it, and I love the music choices!