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Wow! Thank you all so much for getting this mix to gold status! :D

Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian (mostly pop) guilty pleasures from 2010 'til today

Updated November 3, 2014

54 tracks
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This is my favorite mix and it doesnt work anymore :( since almost 2 weeks ago all I get is "check internet connection, try again" , every other playlist works but this one. Any idea why?

I'm really glad you like the mix but I'm really sorry that I don't know why the mix isn't working for you >_< I've tried playing it and it works for me. Are you using the website, desktop version of 8tracks or an app? Do you remember which song you last played that worked? Maybe one of the songs is corrupted...I'll try looking into it :(

Okay so I went through the songs and one of them wouldn't play so I deleted it. Maybe that was the reason the mix wouldn't play. Could you try it now and tell me if it works?