Serena Elis is an independent Artist who produces, sings, and composes her own Music. Her musical taste is a combination of vintage and modern. Combining futuristic sounds with classical ambiance is her unique approach to her one of a kind sounds. Serena Elis was introduced to Music at age 8 when she was adopted. Her mother came home with a violin and that day forever lightened up her life and the way she saw the world. Around the age of 13 youtube became Serena Elis go to place to stream all types of musical genres. She enjoys listening to music from all parts of the world because it gives her perspective into the minds of of innovative musicians. Today Serena Elis Produces her own electronic hybrid sounds with controllers, her voice and Ableton Software. She enjoys being able to create sounds from pure imagination. Music is in the her core of her soul and she wants to be able to share her intense appreciation for music with others.