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Color of Beginnings


A cheerful instrumental mix of the world waking up from winter. Collection of tracks from various anime, games and movies.

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23 tracks
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I love this playlist! It's my favorite study playlist to listen to ^__^ I love how it's instrumental so I can study to it but it's also really happy and cheerful feeling. Most of the study instrumental playlists on here are sad and gloomy. This playlist makes me feel so relaxed and lighthearted!

@esmaralda4121-64 Wow! You're very welcome! I totally see what you mean about the sad and gloomy. I need a little bounce when I'm trying to concentrate, otherwise I get sleepy! Thank you again for your sweet compliment. I'd say go check out my summer mix, but it looks like you have liked that one as well :O My Winter mix is on the sadder gloomier sad, but that's just how winter is :) Thank you for your support!

This is currently my favourite playlist on 8tracks! These songs are honestly so beautiful, they're all so pretty and uplifting and calming. It's been my go-to study playlist for my finals this semester, so thanks so much! :D

Wonderful list, lovely choices! So happy to see Free! on it! I am not only listening to this in spring, but summer also - thank you :D

@memoriounni-163 Yes, please do! As I was widdling my choices down, I had to decide what was more Spring Vs. Summer! And on that note, I'll be doing a Summer playlist of similar format ;) Spring and Summer are happy and bright anyway, right? :D PS Ahhh the Free! OSTs are amazing.