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They've always been wrong

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I beg of you to fight them, I know you don't have your phone right now but don't let those stupid voices win, you're stronger than them. and you made a promise to me love. One that you're never breaking. Don't let them take off the bricks you've worked so hard to build, You're so beautiful and I hope one day you'll see it. Fight hard my nothing, you are worth it.

  • Diary Of A Worm BTQ Answers by patmjohnson
  • A Letter To Sarah by Jared Singer
  • {James Blunt} by Your'e beautiful
  • Shel Silverstein~ by The Missing Piece
  • Stay Strong by Artist Vs Poet
  • Shane Koyczan by To This Day Project
  • Welcome to the Black Parade (Vocals) by Ki77BiLL
  • I Will Follow You Into The Light by leepingpongpang
  • Far From Worthless by RyeHighProductionsW
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