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Christmas mix: Instrumental


A Christmas mix comprised of instrumental renditions of the holiday classics. Perfect to listen to while sitting by the fireplace, or trimming the tree.

23 tracks
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While this mix is not ALL instrumental, it is very lovely!! I guess those of us looking for the instrumental tag expect the entire mix to have no vocals whatsoever. Sorry you seem to be getting a lot of backlash in these comments about that. I have heard many songs that I have never heard before here, and LOVE THIS MIX!!! THANK YOU for making it!

@amcinpv9 I think all the comments are from two years? It was after 8tracks changed thier policy and no longer supported soundcloud linking. There was a lot automatic swaps from songs from soundcloud to ones in their system but not all the swaps were actually appropriate. i thought I had caught all of them but apparently not? Do you happen to know what songs were they were?

And THANK YOU. I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the fact that it's not true instrumental hahahaha

Wow! I can feel the Christmas spirit already! Wonderful instruments. Very suitable for family gatherings at Christmas - I love it! Thank you silverquick. Although track #9 is somewhat a disturbance to the perfect mood. Remove that and the playlist should be perfect.

@Keku Kumu I assume you mean its too upbeat/fast compared to the sedate pace of the other songs? I still like but I think you're right - its still in the playlist buts its at the very end now. Thank you very much for your feedback!