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Garage Depression and Decompression


Here is why 60s garage rock is, at its best, a superior art form. It's simple and to the point--indeed, it has a point.

18 tracks
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I had a great time listening to this. Thanks a lot! Right now the Savages are my new favourite band ever ;) (I knew these two songs actually, but never realized they were by the same band!)

Thanks, Ogun, but it was from you that I learned about Teenage Shutdown! Great collection. But yeah, the Savages are amazing, especially when you think it was all recorded live, possibly at one gig (?). I'm surprised they're not better known.

Haha, really? That's great, I love the Teenage Shutdown series, it's one of the best. But I had no idea the Savages released a full album. I have to find it...