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iridescent requiem ;; or, the darling luminescence


I Do Not Know What To Think. I Simply Know What I Feel, And I Must Do What It Is That I Must Do.


  • Cosmic Of Sorts by Hot Buns and Tea
  • Precious by Last Blush
  • Virgulo by Franklin
  • Mary by Mamou Sidibé
  • Expanse by Zephemeros
  • Vamp by Ef Es VII / 2
  • Sunlight On The Smoking Shelter by Cellar Dweller
  • Kaolin by frog
  • Nymphs dance by softspace
9 tracks
1 comment on iridescent requiem ;; or, the darling luminescence

I really, really, really, really dig this mix!
I was looking around for these songs, and I couldn't find this version on Mary by Mamou Sidibe or Cosmic of Sorts by Hot Buns and Tea. If it's not any trouble, would you mind telling me where I could find either of these, or provide a link, or something?
If not, sorry to bother you, and thanks for making this amazing mix!

ahh i'm so sorry, i found them by searching the words "mary" and "cosmic" while i was making the mix. i have no idea where to get them to be honest.