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Love Never Dies


the major numbers from Love Never Dies, the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera

pretty sure its in order dont kill me if its not

16 tracks
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I fell in love with the Australian version instantly. I tried to listen to the London version but j couldn't do it. I found that the London version didn't convey the emotions jnto the songs as well as this version. I listen to this Playlist again least 3 times a day. they help me to concentrate lol

Australian cast is ok but london cast is way better then them ı think. Ben and Anna have nice voices but ramin and sierra have synergy and emotions and of course really uniqe voices. Ramin Karimloo's ''till ı here you sing one more'' is just amazing ı think london cast is the best cast ever both phantom of the opera and love never dies. ı wish ı could watch love never dies london cast HD like australian version.

I love that this is the Australian cast, I much prefer them to the original London cast. Not that Seirra Boggess and Ramin Karimloo aren't great, but there is just something about Anna O'Byrne's voice that gives me the most magnificent chills!