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Three Points

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There's such a reoccurring sense of longing, of a profound ache to this mix which fits the prompt so well. I loved the line in the opening song (Triangles are my favorite shape.
Three points where two lines meet.) because wow is that not Robert, Eames and Arthur in limbo with Eames and Arthur ultimately the two lines meeting for better or worse.

I feel like you really emphasized the trauma and the struggle Eames and Arthur (by himself and with Eames) would go through post-limbo; which is definitely the right place to focus in my opinion. That's truly where the drama and the catharis is at (not to say there isn't any in limbo but who wants to wake up from a dream depending on the dream, right? Reality is the true nightmare most of the time).

And oh, OH. Perfect ending song choice! Because this wouldn't (or shouldn't) end with them shacking up together happily ever after unless it's a fast forward months or a year(s) later type epilogue. Eames especially, needs time to heal on his own and apart and recognize why Arthur did what he did and see the impossible situation was in while in Limbo. And Arthur does too and to come to terms honestly with his feelings and see that for Eames, even though he saved his mind and his life on some level it was a betrayal as well. They need time to forgive one another.

(They say a watched pot won't ever boil
You can't raise a baby on motor oil
Just like a seed down in the soil, you've got to give it time)


Also, that cover of Feeling Good does things to my soul.

Oh yes yes yes! I was definitely seeing this mix as an exploration of their post-Limbo dynamic, and I'm glad that translated. I had a bit too much fun using Tessellate as the opening song (it was just so perfect, I couldn't resist). My Brightest Diamond's cover of Feeling Good is one song that I can never not associate with Arthur and Eames (especially in the context of this AU).

I'm so stoked you liked this mix so much and got so much out of it - I was quite proud of this one, haha.