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Beautiful Machines


It starts quietly ... and it ends quietly. Too bad, I did not tell you what there is in the middle. Tell me what you think, there is always time to adapt according to your suggestions ...

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@cccp I appreciate your comment and the likes on my other playlists. I understand that some tracks are not for everyone. However there is few dubstep in my mixes. I will be happy if you continue to give your opinion and share what you preferred...

@Sowat? That is the politest "go fuck yourself" that i have ever heard :) I appreciate it, anyway just saying that i have been working diligently to your music for the last few days and abosolultely adore it and for some reason that track stuck out i havent even noticed the other dub step tracks, usually they rip me out of the flow and its so hard to find something in the middle between energetic and comatose your stuff is perfectly in the middle, now that i think of it they should allow the creators to view what tracks were skipped this way you would not only have to rely on subjective info

@cccp If you fancy another trip, my new mix is out now If I return back to your previous comment, they allow the creators to view the track skipping (see view stats in the playlist) : but I prefer always the comment of the listener to tell me why he/she skipped some track and liked some other. Cheers