26 comments on No Words, Cold Machines Part II by Sowat?

I'm so grateful for amazing mixes like this one, it makes work so much easier ( and at anytime it's great to relax ... ! )

@Kimory Glad it could help in your work. Do not hesitate to tell me what is your favorite mix in the whole collection...

Someone pointed out to me that the first piece (Crystal Lake) cut after 40 "and passed to the 2nd track... weird. Did you also noticed that ? Anyway, I corrected. And thank you for your comment(s) ;-)

Strange ... I was just coming to listen to your first playlist a few days ago and wondered what a beautiful day your music brought my way. And now you come to me ... nice coincidence ..

I was wondering what you could add more in another playlist. By discovering this 2d part, so long, I had some concerns, but now : respect !! ... you are a pure collector;) like like like!

yes, I was wondering if I should separate playlists, but I wanted to do something that you can listen all day. thank you for sharing your concerns ;)