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getting over u


im sorry they've hurt u ,, hope this helps

  • Small Hands (Keaton Henson) by Caleb .J. Rowan
    in time, ur heart will heal
  • I'm tired (and I hate this song) by Shari Heck
    u have a right to grieve over ur loss
  • Honey Bee by Seahaven Cover
    u deserve love and respect. pls take care of yrself
  • thought u were better than that by Shari Heck
    other ppl will make them happy. that doesnt mean u didnt
  • and also i'm really scared by Fox Academy
    learn more abt yrself and put ur time and energy into worthwhile ppl and places
  • you said okay by flatsound
    i hope yr okay friend
  • how to never stop being sad by Dandelion Hands
    yr gna make it
  • Plane Vs. Tank Vs. Submarine Tigers Jaw (Cover) (1) by
    lov lov lov u
8 tracks