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A Throwback to High School "Whatevercore"


The name says it all. Some favorites of mine from high school when I listened to this deliciously angry stuff along with a few newer tracks as well.

Twelve tracks including music by Bring Me the Horizon, Alesana and Arsonists Get All The Girls.

12 tracks
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You know none of this stuff is screamo, right? The actual screamo genre is an offshoot of hardcore, featuring artists like Pg. 99, Circle Takes The Square, Daitro, Saetia, L'antietam, etc.

Probably, but I've never been a music genre snob so alrighty, whatever you say. If you have a more appropriate name/classification for this mix, let me know and I'll change it

dude saetia is amazing. I approve of your screamo-snobbishness.

While we're being snobby, Bring Me the Horizon is basically metalcore, Alesana is post-hardcore, and AGATG is deathcore. #themoreyouknow