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La Mia Fidanzata Ha Un Bel Sorriso

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thank you for answering my questions.
yes, that is also my opinion - music is the language which is understanding everywhere.
i love music, specially reggae. but i hear all kind of music.
but my favorit is reggae since 1974. jazz, blues, classic and italian music i hear very often.
certainly i love turkish and italiian food.
here some musicians that are my top favorites:
alpha blondy
lucky dube
norah jones
kieran goss
glen hansard

and so on....

i hope you like it too!!!

if you are interested in art, please look here:


carpe diem

bye bye

Norbert Jörg Klatt

sorry i know a few words in italiian language and my english is worse.but i am interested in what is your origin?
if you are italian, why do you live in turkey?
if you are turkish, why you listen italien music?
i know a turkish singer - ferhat göcer - i love his musik, also i have a very good turkish friend. his name is selim.
kind regards
n, j, klatt

Well I am originally from Turkey and I also live in Turkey but why do I listen Italian songs?
First of all when I was a child my father - who was in the navy and you know, they travel a lot - had these records from everywhere and used to play a lot of record at home.
And my girl friend is from Italy so she sings old Italian songs when she is happy; so I catch a glimpse of the song and remember all that nostalgia.
But to be honest there is no such thing as Italian, English or Turkish song; music is music and it is the only insuperable global language both verbal or non-verbal with the richest alphabet.
The singer that you mention is kind of similar to these artists in this mix actually :) Popular music and he is a good singer actually.
Well I hope I answered your questions :)

Ciao e prego:) My father used to play these songs from his records when I was a child. I didn't remember all of those songs so I asked to my girlfriend if she remembered any of nostalgic songs from her childhood and this mix occured. The name of the first song had to be her name :)