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summer vintage

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Hi Spoonhead, which one of your playlist that have similar tunes to this one? This playlist already got my heart, and now I'm craving for more tunes like this!

@gadisazahra thanks so much. lots of jazz mixes, usually the black and white mix covers contain 40s, 50s jazz. This one is a little bit older. It might just hit the spot. cheers. v

@spoonhead Spoonhead, can you recommend me the best 5 albums (well, it could be more than 5 if you want) that has similar taste with this mix? I also like "my warmth is yours", "back to school", 'good vibes' and everything that has dope bass line & trumpet on it. I'm going to vinyl hunting, and would love to have your music recommendation because damn it man, your taste is just outta this world