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found love. | six of crows


a demon who keeps rising
a suli who knows how to fall
we can't help it but when these songs come on all we do is scream 'KAZ 'N INEJ'
heres to our babes who deserve it all

with quotes from the book for almost every song ~
xo stagofterrasen and @crowndorian .

11 tracks
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@SilverInsanity ths really made me all smiley tysm :'''))))) sorry for the late reply t'was just we moved and it was all a big mess but yeah thank you really :):):))):)) xo

@stagofterrasen SAME DIdnt' she say on twitter or something that not everyone was going to survive? I hope that was fake or just a tease BC I CANNOT HANDLE THAT. Bc it probably won't be Wylan or Jesper bc I think Bardugo is aware enough to know killing off your few LGBT+ characters is in bad taste, and I feel like she won't kill off Nina or Matthias unless she kills them both bc they're so integral to each others' characters, which leaves Kaz or Inej AND I WANT TO STOP THINKING ABOUT IT