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Song Bird


"The mind of the subject will desperately struggle to create memories where none exist…"
―R. Lutece, Barriers to Trans-Dimensional Travel, 1889

***Now revamped***

  • Olafur Arnalds by turbulence
  • Mass Effect 3 by Earth
  • The Streets of Whiterun by Santak
  • 28. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Full Version) by Aigis20
  • Ezio's Family by Jesper Kyd
  • Girl in the the Tower by G. Schyman and J. Bonney -Sadler.
  • Mad World Instrumental by Gaming Sounds
  • Bioshock Infinite — Elizabeth by stander
  • Family Reunion by G. Schyman and J. Bonney -Sadler
  • Nascence by Austin Wintory
  • Calm [2] [Soundtrack] by Minecraft
  • Metal Gear Solid 4 (Enclosure Version) by Vahidreza Bahrami
  • To Zanarkand by tapiyuki
  • Kingdom Heart 2 OST by Mihawk Jr
14 tracks