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The lullaby stopped?


Just various anime(movie) songs some calming, some creepy.

Picture source:

  • Deadman Wonderland Shiro Lullaby by Bergio Sabel
  • from My Neighbor Totoro by A Lost Child
  • Dante by Seka Moon
  • Will of the Heart [10] by Bleach OST 1
  • Origin Spirits of the past _Chouwa oto ~with reflection~ by MsTeshi
  • Sagitta Luminis by Silvermoon424
  • Brave Song by 多田葵
  • Kodoku Na Junrei by darklightkira194
  • 14 - The Place Where Wishes Come True II by Agung Candra
  • You by dai
  • Here to Stay by Bleach Soundtrack
  • 人形の館 by 흑집사 ost
  • Inuyasha OST 2 by Inuyasha Ost 2
  • The Path Of Wind by Miyako
  • Memoirs of a Geisha by Magictales
  • Celtic Song Fairy Tail by Leandro Gutierrez Barra
16 tracks