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An Hour Of Shred


14 shred guitar tracks by Gilbert, Tafolla, Firkins, Malmsteen, Becker, Friedman, Saraceno, Stump, Chastain, MacAlpine, Lynch, Moore & Howe

14 tracks
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Dude - LOVING this mix. The opening Saraceno track is killer. And Firkins! Man that first album is SO amazing - such a unique sound. All this stuff is takin' me back.

@Chrysanthos...not at all! In fact it has spurred me to get bizzy creating new mixes. I was thinking about a mix of ridiculous/bad hair metal cover songs like Winger slaughtering Purple Haze & Skid Row covering Little Wing.

I heard it, loved it and added it on stumbleupon on april 28th.
Since then it had 8227 views from stumble, people have good taste!
I hope you don't mind!

holy shit this is supernatural! I play myself but blues. I want to learn this is this really hard and takes it a long time to learn it and how can I learn is the best? what is a good way?