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Ladies & Gentleman We're Floating in Space


May is a month of laying in the grass and counting the stars with your best friends, listening to music as you lay in bed trying to de-stress, becoming impatient as school comes to an end, and fear as well as excitement for the future. It's a month of floating in space - of living in the past, present, and the future. This is a mix of music to listen to when you need to take deep breaths and count to ten, relax, have background music as you chill with friends, or just want to float in space.

17 tracks
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The title is a citation from Sophie's World from Jostein Gaarder, isn't it? I think it's where the teacher explains that all humans live like not on the earth but on a rabbit, and the philosophs climb up the hairs and see the world around and they scream to the people living in the rabbits fur: "Ladies and gentlemen, we're floating in space!" But they won't listen, because they can't see it from where they live. Or where did you get that from?