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Remember the Originals?


For the Glee haters: because the originals will always be remembered.

And for the Glee lovers: So now you know, why the Glee Crew chose those awesome songs and where they are from. Do you recognize them all?

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Update 08/01/2012: With 35 more songs from season 2! These 145 songs keep you occupied for a while.

139 tracks
6 comments on Remember the Originals?

I am a big fan of Glee and I like these originals as much as the covers. Because, admmit it, most voices on Glee are freaking awesomes. In my opinion, at least Lea, Chris and Naya have the voice. Anyway good job, thanks for doing this.

I'm a little let down that you didn't pick the Barbra version of Don't Rain on my Parade... She's sensational. But I understand (but I don't forgive you).

Thank you for this mix, it's genius! I'm a fan of Glee, and it's just nice to have all these iconic songs that have been used by the show to be all in one place, and in the cases of certain songs, know where they've come from. It doesn't matter I think whether one prefers the originals or the Glee versions - it's nice to have both sides and how they've been done differently, etc. :)

I like some glee covers more than the originals in some cases, like with some of the songs from musicals if those musicals don't technically have original versions (for instance, when the musical comes out first as a movie then goes on broadway... then I consider that song as having an original).