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If I Stay (Gayle Forman)


Just a basic set-list that I put together for the book/movie 'If I Stay' (((THESE SONGS WERE NOT NECESSARILY PARTS OF THE BOOK/MOVIE))

  • What Are You so Scared Of? by Tonight Alive
    What-Are-You-So-Scared-Of?- Throughout the whole book, Mia seemed to be self conscious and afraid of what people thought of her. She didn't really enjoy performing in front of crowds and she always thought that everyone else was better than her. She even thought that she wasn't good enough for her boyfriend, Adam at a few points in the book and she was always trying to make herself "better" for him.
  • Coffee Shop Soundtrack by All Time Low
    Coffee-Shop-Soundtrack- I feel like this is a song that Adam's band, Shooting Star, would cover. They're a kind of punk/rock band that would most likely fall into the same category as the band 'All Time Low'
  • Brother by Gerard Way
    Brother- This song immediately reminds me of how Adam and Kim (Mia's best friend) must have been feeling when Mia was in a coma. The song in itself is about the writer's brother, and even the writer himself. They both suffered through hard times in life and the whole song is basically a commemoration of the rough times in life.
  • Crash by You Me At Six
    Crash- I didn't just choose this song because of it's name and how the term 'Crash' could refer to the car crash that Mia, her brother, her mum, and her dad were in. I decided to add this song to the track list because it's about young love and how there can rough times throughout the relationship of younger people. Throughout Mia and Adam's relationship, there were many ups and downs and the fought with each other and didn't speak for weeks at a time.
  • Chicago Is So Two Years Ago by Fall Out Boy
    Chicago-is-So-Two-Years-Ago- The lyric "There's a light on in Chicago, and I know I should be home." reminded me of the struggles that Mia went through just to live through the cra.sh and to see everyone she loved dying. She just wanted to be back inside of her own body and able to tell her family that she was okay and that she would make it through all of the surgery and complications that she had to endure.
  • Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone by Yo
    Yo-Yo-Ma-plays-Ennio-Morricone- the first date that Adam and Mia ever went on was to see Yo - Yo Ma perform live. That is when Mia realized her feelings for Adam, and started to fall for him.
  • Better Look Next Time by We Are The In Crowd
    Better-Look-Next-Time- This song reminds me of all of the emotions that must have been running through Mia's mind after fighting with Adam for the first time. She felt like he was being selfish and not understanding of anything that Mia aspired to do in life.
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