8-4-2020 UPDATE

So i live with a small stretch of forest behind my house. Nothing too particularly notable about it but the eye of the hurricane passed just west of where i live today and when i went out with my sister's dog so he could do his business it sounded like something was rolling though the forest knocking down every tree in its path and snapping them like toothpicks. We also lost two of the biggest trees in the neighborhood, one of which had grown to legendary size with three huge trunks lifting up one single thick mop of leafy hair. We called it the broccoli tree, naturally. Really sad that this is happening more because of pollution caused by humans. Really sad that the reefs are dying. I have my music backed up properly now, so in the future, if you see a sharp decrease in activity on this page, its most likely because i went out in search for a way to solve these problems faster than the track we are currently on because i loved those trees and maybe they could have been saved if i had been dedicating my time to saving the planet. Time will tell. I will be active for some time before any of that happens, however, so follow me, there is much to see and hear and do and so much more to come!

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