lots of new coming soon. i have the most recent 2700+ songs archived and will be putting out new playlists regularly very soon, as well as adding the remaining playlists from 2014 to mid 2017 to the index for the specific benefits that it produces. Old playlist upgrades within the index are between 75-100% complete, with the main roadblock being the logistics of managing a mere 500GB of base storage capacity... with an extra 1TB available on a backup hard drive i do have a virtual workbench where i can work on some high-priority things when the moment calls for it, but that is a temporary solution, as i am mainly working towards greatly expanded memory capabilities and every step added to the process adds complexity and most importantly, time that is essentially wasted which is a net gain of 0 for you and me so its a lot more hands-on than it seems on the surface, but i will continue ad infinitum. Thanks for caring!

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