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Breathe Again.


20 indie folk songs.

Chill and relax.

Hope you enjoy the melancholy of this playlist, as much as I do :)

Happy listening to you all!


17 tracks
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"i cant anymore. im tired of constantly being sad. im tired of always wishing things were different when the reality is that they aren't different... if theres one thing ive learned its that sometimes loving someone means letting go of hope. when you give up hope, you dont give up the person though. No, when you truly love someone, they always stay with you in thought and in memory and in a little drawer in the corner of your heart. Sometimes, you open the drawer and look at whats inside. What might've been. and you remember how you felt. But you have to be careful because once you remember how you felt, you feel it again. When you feel it again, it gets so hard to close the drawer again. I have to close the drawer now. It's time." -something i just said to my friend, and accepted as truth the moment it passed my lips.